New Year's Day dips attract England's hardy swimmers

People taking part in a New Year's Day dip at Whitley Bay, North Tyneside Image copyright Sal Brecken
Image caption The New Year's Day Dip at Whitley Bay in North Tyneside has been running for decades

Hundreds of hardy people have braved the North and Irish seas, as well as marinas and lakes around England, for New Year's Day dips.

At Whitley Bay on Tyneside, those who ran or tiptoed, into the water faced a temperature of about 8C (46F).

Dippers at Clevedon Marine Lake were warned to expect it to be even colder at between 3 and 5C (37 and 41F).

At Port Erin on the Isle of Man some went for costumes offering a little - presumably, short-lived - protection.

Image caption We're wondering whether the previous "heady" contents of the box had anything to do with this
Image copyright Danny Lawson/PA
Image caption Respect to the photographer in Scarborough who appears to be in the water too for this picture, featuring a Donald Trump effigy
Image copyright Ian Forsyth/Getty Images
Image caption Pretty incredible, really
Image caption No edging slowly into the water for the dippers at Clevedon Marine Lake
Image caption People in Plymouth took part in the city's first annual dip where the water temperature was a balmy 11C (52F)
Image caption Where there's water there will be a wet dog

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