Holiday couple watch on CCTV app as Streetly home burgled

media captionA couple are helpless as they watch online as a burglar targets their home

A horrified couple watched a burglar break into their home on a CCTV app while they were on holiday 120 miles away.

Donna Marusamy, 37, was with her husband and children in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, when she had a notification that sensors had detected movement in their back garden in the West Midlands.

The couple looked on in horror as the burglar walked into their living room.

She alerted her brother-in-law and the thief fled when he arrived.

The head teacher, of Streetly, said: "I wish to God I hadn't seen it unfold."

Wedding rings belonging to her husband, Nathan, 45, and his father were taken along with an Air-King Rolex, Indian gold jewellery and passports at about 22:15 BST on Friday.

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The footage on her mobile phone showed the burglar creep around the back garden, enter the house with a torch and roam around looking for things to steal.

Mrs Marusamy, who had just put her children to bed, said it "really ruined" their weekend break and they had to cut it short.

She said: "We thought it's either a ghost or someone is in our garden.

"We zoomed in and I said 'I think it is someone checking out our house'.

image source, SWNS
image captionPassports and jewellery were stolen during the raid

"He got in through our conservatory and removed the glass and put it to the side neatly.

"He then stepped inside, I was horrified, scared and helpless. My heart just went 'no'. I just wanted to scream and shout but we were just totally speechless."

She said her brother-in-law got there before police.

"He went on the driveway and shone a light through the house and the burglar then legged it.

"I thought I am splattering your face everywhere so I uploaded it to Facebook."

Mrs Marusamy said her children now sleep in the same bed as her.

Kevin Pitt, police, engagement and consultation officer with West Midlands Police, said: "The offender has gained entry to the rear garden and then removed the beading from a window to enter the house.

"The house alarm sounded and the offender was disturbed."

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