Election 2017

Election 2017: England's election night in pictures

Election staff count ballot papers for the General Election, at Kendal Leisure Centre in Kendal. Image copyright PA

As ballots are counted in constituencies across England for the general election, here are some of the more unusual sights caught on camera.

Armed officers were stationed at several counts across England, including Sunderland.

Image copyright PA

In some areas, including Kendal Leisure Centre, where the ballot papers for the Westmorland and Lonsdale constituency are being counted, armed officers were there before counting began.

Image copyright PA

BBC reporter Marian McNamee, who is at the Rugby count in Warwickshire, tweeted: "No dancing policemen @BENNHallRugby but they are allowed a brew #GE2107 #BBCElection."

In London, Buster the spaniel was helping with security at one count.

Tower Hamlets Council tweeted: "Taking a very brief time out of his shift to pose for a pic. Thanks for helping keep us safe Buster. #GE2017"

Image copyright Tower Hamlets Council

Leicester's Aylestone Leisure Centre was plunged into darkness soon after polls closed, but people counting the ballots continued regardless.

The lighting was restored soon after.

Despite their valiant efforts, runners at Sunderland were pipped to being the first constituency to declare by North East rivals Newcastle.

Newcastle returned its result nine minutes faster at 23:01 BST.

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Some of England's more unusual candidates have arrived at counts, including independent candidate Paul Ellis - also known as Mr Fish Finger - who was standing in the Westmorland and Lonsdale constituency.

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Lord Buckethead, who is challenging Prime Minister Theresa May for the Maidenhead seat, has turned up at the count too.

His policies include bringing back Ceefax and nationalising Adele.

And while many people were tucking into sugary snacks to get them through election night, the count at Enfield put on an impressively healthy-looking buffet.

Other people came well prepared too.

Tory candidate Jacob Rees-Mogg arrived at the North East Somerset count with sandwiches for all his team.

BBC political reporter Emma Vardy tweeted from Barrow-in-Furness: "One has to maintain standards" says Barrow UKIP treasurer with picnic hamper & china tea set at count #BBCelection

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