General Election: What topic do you care most about?

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What is the one thing you care most about that our politicians could - and should - be sorting out?

Living, earning, studying, playing, buying, travelling, staying, leaving - Westminster has powers over it all.

And on 8 June voters will choose who they want to represent them in parliament and, ultimately, run the UK.

Before that though we want your guidance and for your specific views to shape a live and interactive debate show we're producing for Facebook.

Using the form below please tell us what the most important issue is to you. Maybe you want more police or hospital staff employed, more reassurance about life post-Brexit, or less tax to pay and less confusion over immigration.

Send a message to those in power by highlighting your concerns and your questions about your future.

What and when is 'the event'?

On Wednesday 7 June, at 7.30pm, we're live-streaming an interactive show to explore your submitted political concerns.

We will be hearing from voters across the West and you will be invited to interact with the studio presenter and live audience via social media or even video calling into the show.

Who is this for?

Young adults across Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire.

How can it be viewed?

Via our Facebook accounts for:

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