West Midlands: Three things you wanted to know

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Ask us your questions about where you live

People have been using Your Questions to ask us what they want to know about the West Midlands.

While out and about in Hereford where we were asked what impact the Old Market complex had on historic High Town.

You were curious to know what the red doors in canal bridges were for.

And you had lots of questions about the West Midlands first 'metro' mayor. Here is a look at how we have been getting on answering your questions.

"How has Hereford's Old Market complex affected High Town?"

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High Town in Hereford is a short walk from the £90m Old Market shopping and leisure complex

When England's last surviving inner-city cattle market was ripped down and replaced with shops, restaurants and a cinema, opinion was divided.

Some feared the new complex would be the death of the historic high street. Others hoped it would bring a new lease of life.

As the third anniversary of the transformation approaches we take a look at its impact on Hereford.

Why are there red doors in bridges?

Have you ever wondered why some bridges have little red doors in them?

They can be spotted in the walls of canal bridges and sometimes over rivers in the West Midlands.

We went to Kings Norton in Birmingham for a demonstration on why they are there.

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Why are there red doors in bridges?

Your questions: West Midlands 'metro' mayor

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Birmingham and neighbouring towns and cities are set to be represented by an elected mayor for the West Midlands

All this week we have been asking for your questions on the West Midlands 'metro' mayor.

You asked us which areas would be voting in the elections on 4 May and what would happen to Lord and borough mayors.

You wanted to know budgetary powers the successful candidate would have and how much the new role would cost.

Find out how we answered your questions here.

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