England's Big Picture: 27 February - 5 March


Each day we feature a photograph sent in from across England.

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image source, Andrew Armstrong (@dru_man25)
image captionThis photograph was taken by Andrew Armstrong at The Gunners Park nature reserve in Shoebury, Essex. Andrew says: "I was looking through the wader flock that gathers at high tide and noticed the common seal watching me. He or she came in really close and was very inquisitive"
image source, Paul Wilde
image captionPaul Wilde took this photograph of the sunset over the golf course at Abbey Park in Redditch
image source, Becky Arnold (@square_eyes_photos)
image captionBecky Arnold took this photograph in Theale, Reading. She posted it on her Instagram page with the words: "It's raining, They are not daft. Old and wise"
image source, Daphne Wuenn (@daphne_wuenn)
image captionDaphne Wuenn took this photograph during low tide in Poole Harbour, Dorset
image source, Alison Smith (@@ali5on_smith)
image captionAlison Smith, from Swindon, took this photograph of her car windscreen. She says: "I thought the patterns of the ice on my windscreen were amazing, showing the beauty and harshness of Mother Nature at the same time"
image source, BBC Weather Watcher Eileenb
image captionBBC Weather Watcher Eileenb took this photograph in Longdendale, North West England
image source, David Salkeld
image captionDavid Salkeld took this photograph on Boulmer Beach in Northumberland

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