Your #BackToWork tweets of sorrow

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The hashtag #BackToWork is trending on Twitter as those returning to their jobs after the festive break share their sorrow that the fun is over and normal service is forced to resume.

The sudden withdrawal from lie ins, naps and all-day snacking has hit some people - and even their pets - quite hard.

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And this morning's rude awakening has proved as alarming as the need to remain conscious for the duration of a 09:00 to 17:00 shift.

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The uncomfortable shift from lying horizontal on a sofa to sitting upright at a desk has proved difficult for some - with reports of email amnesia and password mind blocks.

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The drastic change in diet from a constant graze on festive leftovers and tins of chocolates to a one-hour slot to fill up on "new year, new you" salads is leaving a bitter taste in many mouths.

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Even animals are affected by the back to work blues - Pete the office pooch at the Dogs Trust is reluctant to get out of his bed - or his Christmas jumper.

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