Leazes park sex attack accused 'in it together'

Two schoolgirls were sexually assaulted by three men in a park within moments of each other, a court has heard.

One of the men allegedly typed "I am interested in you" into Google Translate and showed it to the girls in Leazes Park, Newcastle.

Mohammed Alfrouh, 20, Omar Badreddin, 18, and Mohammed Allakkoud, 18, of Newcastle, who spoke through an Arabic interpreter, deny sexual assault.

They are on trial at Newcastle Crown Court accused of the attacks on 10 May.

Alfrouh, of no fixed address, is accused of kissing one of the 14-year-old girls against her will and putting his hands down her trousers while undressing himself.

He is accused of then sexually assaulting her friend behind a pavilion in the park.

'Held nose and mouth'

The second schoolgirl was being kissed and groped by Omar Badreddin, 18, of Ryal Walk, Kenton Bar, Newcastle, the prosecution alleged.

Mohammed Allakkoud, 18, of Tamworth Road, Newcastle, is accused of holding the mouth and nose of one of the alleged victims as the two others assaulted her.

Alfrouh denied three counts of sexual assault, while Badreddin and Allakkoud have pleaded not guilty to one count each.

Lee Fish, prosecuting, said: "They were all in it together."

Under cross-examination the alleged victim of all three men told the court she had gone behind the hut with Mr Badreddin because he asked her to.

'Didn't touch you'

When asked if she had kissed him back behind the hut, she repeatedly replied she could not remember.

When Susan Hirst, defending Mr Alfrouh, asked if her client had joined them behind the hut to get Mr Badreddin to go home, and that the men then left together, the girl agreed.

Ms Hirst said: "[Mr Alfrouh] didn't touch you that day did he?", to which the girl replied "no".

She was asked: "He just came to get his friend and they disappeared from view, is that right?"

The girl said: "Yes".

Ms Hirst added: "And he didn't do anything bad to you, did he?"

"No," she replied.

The trial continues.

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