Football club hunts bride from M20 bridge collapse traffic jam

"Mystery bride" with Needham Market FC players Image copyright Ted Matthewson
Image caption No-one appears to have asked the mystery bride her name and now the team want to know if she made it to her wedding on time

A football team stranded on a motorway after a bridge collapsed are hunting for a mystery bride who asked to have her photo taken with them.

Suffolk side Needham Market FC were heading to Folkestone when they hit a jam on the M20 in Kent on Saturday.

As reported on the Ryman Football League website, they were approached by a woman who was late for her wedding.

Club secretary Mark Easlea said they wanted to know if she got to the church on time and to congratulate her.

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Despite posing for the photo with the bride-to-be - who appeared to be in decent spirits even though her journey to her wedding had been disrupted - it appeared none of the men had asked her what her name was, where she was from or where she was going, Mr Easlea said.

"Everyone had got out of the coach and was sitting at the side of the road in the blistering heat, when she wandered along and said 'Lads, can I have a photo with you on my wedding day?'.

Image copyright PA
Image caption Traffic was delayed after a footbridge collapsed after it was hit by a lorry carrying a digger

"She was obviously as late as everyone else and we've no idea how long she kept the groom waiting at the altar, but we'd dearly love someone to contact the club and tell us who she is, as we think she brought us luck," he said.

The Ryman Premier League side beat Folkestone Invicta 1-0 when they eventually kicked off an hour later than planned.

The M20 remained partially closed until Sunday after the bridge collapsed on Saturday lunchtime after being hit by a lorry carrying a digger. Two large cranes cleared the debris from the road which is the main route to the Channel Tunnel.

A motorcyclist suffered broken ribs when he threw himself from his bike to avoid hitting the fallen bridge but nobody else was injured.

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