Diver retrieves £10k heirloom ring in Majorca

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Media captionDiver finds Keele medical student's £10k heirloom ring

A veteran diver who retrieved a holidaymaker's lost ring - worth £10,000 - from the Mediterranean seabed said it was "fairly easy" to find.

George Edmunds, 75, from Weymouth, Dorset was flown to Majorca by Katie Patterson, 24, after she had lost the heirloom while swimming in the sea.

The expert in underwater metal detecting found it within an hour.

Describing Ms Patterson's reaction when reunited with the ring, he said: "You should have seen her face".

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Image caption Ms Patterson had lost the ring while swimming

Ms Patterson, who is from Belfast but is currently a student living in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, had contacted the diver when she returned to the UK earlier this month.

The ring had belonged to Ms Patterson's grandmother and been passed down through the family.

She flew Mr Edmunds out to the Balearic island in the hope of finding it.

He said: "It was fairly easy - Katie showed me the exact spot where she thought she'd lost it. It took me just under an hour.

"In the meantime I found a handful of coins and another ring, believe it or not."

He admitted he showed a "bit of a wicked streak" when reuniting Ms Patterson with the ring.

"When we got back to the beach I tipped out the coins and the other ring and Katie's face was a bit crestfallen," he said.

"And then I said, 'you know those Mickey Mouse rings kids buy at the fair? I found one of those as well'. I showed it to her, and that was it."

Ms Patterson said: "I cannot tell you how grateful I was - he's an absolute hero and I'm so, so appreciative of him taking the time to come out with me. I was sobbing."

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