Ex-teacher Andrew Beasley exposed himself in window

A former assistant head teacher who exposed himself from his front window has been banned from teaching for life.

Passers-by could see Andrew Beasley's genitals when they walked past his home, Teesside Crown Court heard.

The former teacher at Eston Park Academy, in Middlesbrough was convicted of three counts of exposure in 2014, but found not guilty of six others.

He has been banned from teaching for life by a National College for Teaching and Leadership conduct panel.

The offences occurred at the 42-year-old's former home in Allerton Close, Northallerton.

Following the convictions, Mr Beasley was given an 11-month community order with supervision from probation officers.

'Serious and repeated'

In a report, the panel said he was a good teacher, but concluded: "Mr Beasley's behaviour in committing the offences could affect public confidence in the teaching profession given the influence that teachers may have on pupils, parents and others in the community.

"The panel noted that the teacher's behaviour did not lead to a sentence of imprisonment which is indicative of the fact that the offence was at the less serious end of the possible spectrum.

"However, this is a case involving offences involving sexual activity."

It added that although the offences were not committed in an "educational setting" they were "serious and repeated".

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