York's alcohol-related hospital admissions up more than a third

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Image caption York is said to be regarded as a "bit of a party town"

The number of hospital admissions involving alcohol in York has increased by more than a third in six years, Public Health England says.

Admissions in the city went up by 38% between 2009-10 and 2014-15, the second highest figure for a local authority.

They also went up by a third in North Lincolnshire and a quarter in Wakefield.

Calderdale, Hull, Leeds and Lincolnshire saw a reduction in drink-related problems.

The only local authority area that recorded a higher increase in admissions than York was Wolverhampton, with a 39% increase.

The figures were collected by Public Health England. They do not record the number of individuals admitted.

'Liver damage'

Dr Charlie Milson, a liver specialist at York Hospital, said the city was regarded as a "bit of a party town", with many visitors.

"When they come, part of their concept of having a good evening... is to drink a significant amount of alcohol," he said.

Dr Milson also said the cost of alcohol was coming down and people were becoming "more comfortable with drinking large amounts of alcohol. Our natural checks have been removed".

Frances Cunning, of Public Health England said: "Alcohol harms individuals, families and communities and it's crucial that, alongside effective local interventions and treatments for those that need it, we look more widely at what affects drinking behaviour, such as marketing and pricing."

The body is soon to report to government on reducing alcohol harm that costs the NHS around £3.5 billion a year, she added.

The Chief Medical Officers' guideline for both men and women is that it is safest not to drink regularly more than 14 units of alcohol per week, to keep health risks to a low level. It is it also best to spread this evenly over three days or more.

A unit is roughly half a pint of normal strength lager (4.1% ABV) but alcoholic content in beer can vary. The number of units varies depending on the size and strength of your drink.

Local authority % Change in admissions 2009-10 to 2014-15
York 38.4
North Lincolnshire 33.2
Wakefield 25.0
Kirklees 16.8
North Yorkshire 14.5
North East Lincolnshire 10.4
Sheffield 9.8
Doncaster 9.5
Rotherham 6.9
Bradford 4.9
East Riding 4.2
Barnsley 3.7
Lincolnshire -5.5
Hull -5.6
Leeds -14.3
Calderdale -14.6
Source: Public Health England

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