Bingo sisters search for their third sibling

Elaine Walker and Jackie Green
Image caption Elaine Walker and Jackie Green met after striking up a friendship on an online bingo site

Sisters who met after playing online bingo for eight years before realising they were related are searching for their long-lost third sister.

Elaine Walker, who was adopted at eight weeks, had tried to find one sister since she was 25, without any luck.

When she found Jackie Green on Facebook she discovered they had already become friends by chatting while playing on an online bingo site.

Now they are hoping to find a third sister who is called Wendy.

She lived in Scotland and was born in February 1955.

'Terrible twins'

Ms Walker, 59, who lives near Middlesbrough, was adopted by a family in the North East, while Jackie, 65, grew up in London with her father.

For 35 years Ms Walker had searched for her older sister without success - she knew her Christian name and maiden name, but not her married name.

Watch the sisters' interview on the Victoria Derbyshire programme in full here.

"I hit dead ends, kept coming up against brick wall after brick wall, until last year when an elder brother of ours died intestate, and a company of heir hunters got in touch and they accidentally let slip Jackie's surname," she explained.

When Ms Walker tracked her down on Facebook, she realised they had some mutual friends who were all from the online bingo chatroom she used.

The siblings used nicknames - "Dukie11" and "Whiskey666" - so had never known each other's real names.

"I realised she wasn't just one more user of that chatroom - she was a key person I'd talked to almost every day - so much so the other users of the forum called us the 'terrible twins'," Ms Walker said.

"I just looked at her picture and said "she's got my eyes", I could see resemblances. So I sent her a message and it said "Hi Jackie, strange message but, was your mum called - and I gave the full name - because if so, I'm your sister. I got a message back a little while later saying 'hi sis'."

'Natural connection'

Ms Green continued: "She asked what my player name was and when I told her she said 'I'm your terrible twin'. And that was it, I sent her a message with my landline on, said 'give me a ring'. And she did, we were on the phone for three hours."

Ms Walker added: "I used to go on and tell Jackie about my day at work and curse my boss and things like that - it was just a natural connection. It used to make me feel better, I lived alone so I would go home and have some banter."

Now they want to find their other long-lost sister Wendy, whose last known address was in Scotland, has a son, and who was born in February 1955.

"She was adopted at the same time as me, I've known about her all my life," Ms Walker said.

"I've done everything over 35 years and every one has hit a brick wall. I came on the television in case she was watching - and if she is, get in touch. We can be the terrible trio instead of the terrible twins."

If you know who Wendy is, email Victoria@bbc.co.uk

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