Defenders of the famous - Land Rover-loving celebrities

Marilyn Monroe in a Land Rover Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption A hitch-hiker's dream? Marilyn Monroe shows a bit of leg in a Defender

The last-ever Land Rover Defender has trundled off the production line in Solihull. BBC News looks at some of the famous faces who have been behind the bonnet.

James Bond has driven one, and so has the Queen. Marilyn Monroe showed a bit of leg in one, and Idris Elba arrived at the Invictus Games like a Roman charioteer standing on the back of one.

Shadowy SAS man-turned author Andy McNab has described the iconic vehicle as part of his life "both as a soldier and civilian" while professional outdoorsman and TV personality Ben Fogle described his "love affair" with the Defender.

From princes to presenters to politicians, here are some of those luminaries who have doted on their Defenders.

Image copyright PA
Image caption The Queen, Prince Philip and their Defender soaked up the adoration as they went on parade in 1977
Image copyright Andy McNab
Image caption With its darkened rear windows, Andy McNab's Land Rover Defender is as mysterious as he is
Image caption Plenty of room on board for a luxuriant moustache: TV presenter Dick Strawbridge and his son James take their facial hair for an off-road ride
Image caption David Dimbleby traversed the length and breadth of the British Isles in a wax jacket, with the ultimate accessory - the Defender
Image copyright Ben Fogle
Image caption TV presenter Ben Fogle is a self-confessed Land Rover lover
Image copyright PA
Image caption Zara Phillips is another royal fan of the Defender
Image caption Winston Churchill's Defender looked as indomitable as its owner
Image copyright PA
Image caption The Marquess of Bath (left) looks at a lion on his Longleat estate
Image copyright Born Free Foundation
Image caption The vehicle is apparently popular with lion lovers - the Born Free Foundation had a Defender with a caged back
Image copyright PA
Image caption Something appears to puzzle Prince Charles in this Defender, which has a fold-down front windscreen

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