Hero rescuer Dennis Clift's Christmas bid to find Devon family

Dennis Clift
Image caption Dennis Clift with a Christmas card from the family he wants to find

A truck driver who saved a baby from a motorway fireball is trying to find the boy's Devon family so he can send them a Christmas card.

Dennis Clift, from Chelmsford, Essex, grabbed two-week-old Charlie O'Sullivan from the wreckage of a BMW on the M6 in Warwickshire in 1999.

Ever since he has received a Christmas card from the O'Sullivans and wants to return the gesture.

Searches with local authorities and on social media have come to nothing.

Treated for shock

"I've tried everything, Facebook, Devon County Council, but I can't find them," he said.

Mr Clift, who was a breakdown recovery man at the time, was travelling back from Birmingham when he saw Jane O'Sullivan's car in flames on the hard shoulder of the motorway.

"Jane had been in the car with her two children and a baby was still on the back seat," he said.

"I went and rescued him.

"I've received a Christmas card every year since and I'd like to send a card back and they've asked me to come down, but I don't where they live."

Mr Clift parked his truck across the carriageway to stop the traffic until police and fire crews arrived.

Mrs O'Sullivan was treated in hospital for shock and minor burns. Mr Clift, Charlie and Mrs O'Sullivan's 14-week-old daughter Rosie were uninjured.

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