Cardboard bed bid to keep homeless in Wolverhampton warm and dry

Elliot Lord Image copyright Elliot Lord
Image caption Elliot Lord tests the cardboard bed

A supply teacher has created a cardboard bed to keep homeless people warm and dry in the winter.

Elliot Lord wants to see his beds given to street sleepers and refugees across the country. So far about 12 beds have been handed out in Wolverhampton.

Mr Lord, of Our Own Future project, said: "I wanted to do something for homeless people who have a lack of opportunities and support."

The beds are made from interlocking pieces of strong card.

The bed had been well-received by homeless people who trialled it in Wolverhampton, he said.

"They basically said it was the best sleep they had ever had on the streets and they didn't have the pain from sleeping on the ground," he said.

How to make the bed

  • The upper section is divided into four pieces of card
  • These slot into three pieces on the base
  • The design means it can be disassembled into small parts to carry
  • The "simple" process means it can be built in less than five minutes

Image copyright Nigel Chow
Image caption Student Nigel Chow said the beds felt warm, stable and comfortable

Birmingham University students who assembled the beds in a workshop also backed the design.

Chemical engineering student Nigel Chow said they were "really comfortable and stable".

"It's actually quite innovative to be able to turn this cardboard around that people would throw out and turn that into things people can really use and really benefit the homeless," he said.

Student Paymann Tahamtan said cutting the card had been "relatively difficult" but the bed was "wonderfully made".

Mr Lord hopes a permanent workshop where homeless people could collect beds will be set up.

Image caption Elliot Lord taught students to assemble the beds at a workshop

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