BBC DJ Alex Dyke to return after breastfeeding remarks

Alex Dyke
Image caption Presenter Alex Dyke apologised for his comments during his show

A BBC DJ suspended over "appalling" comments he made on air about breastfeeding is to return to work.

Alex Dyke said breastfeeding was "unnatural" and "has to be stopped" in public during his phone-in show on BBC Radio Solent on 12 August.

An online petition was set up, which attracted more than 6,000 supporters, calling for him to be taken off air.

The broadcaster said it had made the decision to put Mr Dyke back on air "following serious consideration".

It added: "Alex has been told in no uncertain terms that his comments were unacceptable, and he has apologised for any offence caused on and off air."

Mr Dyke returns on Thursday. He last presented his show on 13 August, where he apologised on air for "any offence caused".

'Taboo subject'

An alternative petition had been launched asking for Mr Dyke to be reinstated, though it has not received as many backers.

It reads: "Alex and his show just want to provoke a reaction to get the south talking.

"There are people in the Solent region that can't stand him but still phone in and rant at him."

His return drew a mixed response on Twitter.

Sarah Holmes wrote: "I'm all for presenters being controversial, but offensive, ignorant and frankly stupid is something else. He shouldn't be back."

MissMardell tweeted: "This is disgusting and to support someone who has such arcane views is beyond ridiculous as [is] the BBC to be honest."

However, Sam J ‏suggested that "he shouldn't have been suspended in the first place".

Mr Dyke had asked callers to ring in about the "taboo subject" of breastfeeding in public during the programme, which is broadcast to parts of Hampshire and Dorset.

During the phone-in, Dyke said he blamed "Earth mothers... with the moustaches, the ones who work in libraries, the ones who wear hessian, the ones they're always on Radio 4 on Women's Hour, they are always pushing the boundaries and making us feel uncomfortable".

He added: "Breastfeeding is unnatural. It's the kind of thing that should be done in a quiet, private nursery.

"It was OK in the Stone Age when we knew no better, when people didn't have their own teeth... but now I just think a public area is not the place for it and fellas don't like it."

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