Local authority cremation costs

image captionThe average cremation now costs £640 at a public crematorium

The average cost of a cremation at a public crematorium has risen since 2010, according to a BBC Freedom of Information request.

Here is a list of all the local authorities that run crematoriums in the UK - showing their prices for a daytime adult cremation from 2010-11, 2015-16 and the percentage change.

Different councils provide different services for the basic fee listed below.

Where 2015-16 figures were unavailable the 2014-15 figures have been used (marked with *).

Angus Council is listed but now no longer carries out cremations.

Lewisham, North Lincolnshire, Salford City and Wakefield run crematoriums but have not responded to the BBC's Freedom Of Information request.

Find your local authority below: