Peterborough tops car-dependent towns and cities list

Cathedral Square, Peterborough Image copyright Dave Hitchborne
Image caption Peterborough is the most car-dependent place in England, a transport survey revealed

Peterborough is the most difficult place in England to get around without a car, according to a survey.

The Campaign for Better Transport's car dependency report rates towns and cities on public transport provision and facilities for cycling and walking.

Colchester and Milton Keynes were also at the foot of the table with London, Manchester and Liverpool topping the list of least car-dependent places.

The report said other cities could learn from London's transport policies.

The survey of 29 towns and cities concentrated on four areas: accessibility and planning, bus and train quality and uptake, cycling and walking as alternatives, and driving and car use.

Travel 'choices'

Peterborough was found to have "weaknesses in its public transport infrastructure", leaving residents heavily reliant on cars.

However, the report added: "There are some signs of hope, as many people already cycle regularly, showing there is scope for improvement and a will for active travel."

London's "control of its transport policy offers lessons for other cities and policy-makers keen to reduce car dependency", the report said.

Image caption London topped the table as the least car-dependent place in England

Brighton and Hove, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Cambridge and Bristol also came in the top ten of least car-dependent places, while Wigan and Swindon fell in the bottom five.

No car? The top 10 places you may not need one

1. London

2. Manchester

3. Liverpool

4. Brighton and Hove

5. Newcastle-upon-Tyne

6. Cambridge

7. Bristol

8. Birmingham

9. Southampton

10. Nottingham

Source: Campaign for Better Transport 2014 Car Dependency Scorecard

The Campaign for Better Transport's chief executive Stephen Joseph, said: "To be good places to live and work, towns and cities need good transport.

"The most successful places in our research give people a choice in how you get around.

"They have good quality public transport, plan new development thoughtfully and make it easy and safe for people to cycle and walk."

Got a car? The top 10 places you are most likely to need it

1. Peterborough

2. Colchester

3. Milton Keynes

4. Swindon

5. Wigan

6. Bradford

7. Derby

8. Dudley

9. Northampton

10. Gateshead

Source: Campaign for Better Transport 2014 Car Dependency Scorecard

The survey suggested "local control and devolution" could result in "more integrated and greener transport networks", Mr Joseph said.

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