Out of bounds: Animals in unusual places

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Media captionCCTV images show the animal walking through their sliding doors

A wandering horse has caused a spot of bother at a Cheshire police station by ignoring security and stepping inside after leaving a nearby field.

It isn't the first time in recent years the animal antics of foxes, dogs, cats and others have hit the headlines in England.

Here are a few other examples from the BBC archive which are worth a revisit:

Ride-thru horse in McDonald's visit

Image copyright HOLLY SINAR
Image caption A girl riding a pony also went through the McDonald's 'drive-thru'

A woman was fined for taking her horse into a McDonald's restaurant in Whitefield, Greater Manchester in July 2013.

Police said the woman was in the saddle when she was initially turned away from the drive-through kiosk of the restaurant.

The animal was later led inside, where it "ended up doing its business on the floor".

At one point, the story was getting more traffic on the BBC website than the imminent arrival of Prince George of Cambridge.

Outfoxed by a floorboard

Image copyright RSPCA
Image caption The fox was freed from the flooring and released back into the wild after being checked over by the RSPCA

The RSPCA were called to part of the University of Hertfordshire in August 2012 to rescue a fox trapped in a floorboard.

It is thought the animal was trying to wriggle through the flooring at an office under renovation when it became stuck.

RSPCA animal welfare officer Kate Wright said the fox had "quite an embarrassed expression on his face."

It was released back into the wild after being checked over by vets.

Lizard in a spin

Image copyright Tropiquaria Wildlife Park
Image caption The lizard stowed away in a holidaymaker's laundry from the Cape Verde Islands

A rare lizard was unknowingly thrown in with the laundry by a Somerset holidaymaker after it survived a 3,000 mile flight in February 2012.

Sue Banwell-Moore, who had recently returned from the Cape Verde Islands, found the creature among her clean washing.

The Chioninia lizard was treated by vets and re-homed at the nearby Tropiquaria Wildlife Park in Watchet.

Boa in the boot

Image copyright Charlie Wise
Image caption The snake was named Starvin' Marvin after the South Park character

Earlier this year, a woman from Thatcham in Berkshire had a shock when she found a boa constrictor in the boot of her newly-bought car.

Charlie Wise said she was "petrified" when she found the snake in the £200 VW Golf.

The snake had been in the boot for two months and was taken to a rescue centre to be cared for.

Mrs Wise said she had contacted the owner of the car about the discovery, who said he had lost the snake but had made no effort to retrieve it.

Cat down to eight lives

Image copyright Sarah Whittley
Image caption The finders were "in shock" to see the kitten emerge from the car engine compartment

Five firefighters used air bags and a jack to save a kitten stuck in the engine compartment of a car in Norfolk last month.

Sam Warrington and Lisa Merry had been on an 18-mile (29km) journey to the seaside and heard meowing from under the car when they stopped in Cley.

It was unclear when the kitten snuck on board, but fortunately the trip left it unhurt.

A (rooftop) dog's life

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Media captionFive-year-old Axel spends most of his time asleep when he is on rooftops

A Newfoundland cross called Axel found fame in April 2012 due to its fondness for heights.

The dog clambered up ladders in Norfolk to be with owner Richard Haughton, who is a thatcher.

Mr Haughton said: "We've had 200-300 photos taken of him in the last few days. Our customers love him, he's very much part of the team."

Graveyard visitor

Image copyright Liz Haynes
Image caption It remains a mystery as to where the creature came from

A wallaby set up camp in Highgate Cemetery in North London in October 2013.

It was unclear where the marsupial had come from, as no animals had been reported missing from nearby Golders Hill Park zoo.

Site managers said staff had no plans to move the wallaby on and fed it fruit and vegetables.

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