Neigh-bourhood watch: Horse trots into Cheshire Police HQ

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Media captionCCTV images show the animal evade Cheshire Police's first line of defence

A horse evaded the waving arms of security to make it into a Cheshire police station.

The equine interloper hot-hoofed it into the force's HQ in Winsford from a neigh-bouring field and refused to stall for baffled bobbies.

Officers said the prancing prankster wasn't in the station fur-long but it did stir-up a commotion with staff.

They escorted the mane offender out of the building and said: "At neigh point did the horse pose a risk to security!"

The galloping gadabout remains under suspicion of fencing.

Bale was set at £25, also known as a pony.

'Why the long face?'

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BBC readers have been enthusiastically responding to this story on Twitter and, far from being a two-horse race, the pursuit of the best pun is a wide-open field. Here are some of the runners and riders:

  • SavourTooth tweets: "He has been brought in for equestering."
  • Jan McNamee suggests Winsford is a "one-horse town".
  • James Crawford tweets that the horse "asked for another 49 ofFENCES to be taken into consideration. Police thought at first it was race related."
  • Paul Haigh adds: "Another collar for the Yard."

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