Three MPs in two-bed 'shocker'

Looking through some of the online records of MPs' expenses I come across a startling disclosure.

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Image caption Caroline Dinenage, Mark Lancaster & Caroline Nokes

The MP for Romsey and Southampton North Caroline Nokes is very open about her affairs. Every penny is listed, with a chart comparing her spending to others in Hampshire.

And there is an intriguing footnote.

"I share a rented two bedroom flat in London with two other MPs."

Hang on a minute.

It's a two-bed flat - and there are three of them sharing?

Surely in these cash-strapped times they're not taking turns on the sofa?

Is there an explanation that the News of the World might be interested in...

Delicate inquiry

Caroline is one of our guests on the Sunday Politics this week, so I try to delicately inquire what's going on.

And there is a sensible explanation.

Her long-term flatmate is Caroline Dinenage, MP for Gosport, who recently married fellow MP Mark Lancaster.

Rather than impose further cost on the taxpayer all three MPs are shacked up together during the week. Cosy.