Your flooding photos from the past

A boat navigates the floods in Wraysbury in 1947 to help deliver the milk Image copyright Lorna Sellers
Image caption Maurice Sellers rows a boat during the floods of 1947 in Wraysbury

The UK has seen devastating flooding during the past two months as a relentless succession of winter storms have battered the country.

We have received a huge amount of your photos that show the scale of damage caused by both wind and rain.

This winter has seen record breaking rainfall, but how does it compare to previous flooding events to have hit the country? We want you to send us photos of historic flooding events that you or your family have witnessed.

We have already received this photo that Colin Sellers sent us of the flooding in Wraysbury from 1947, the image taken by his mother shows his father Maurice rowing while helping to deliver milk.

Do you have any photos of flood events from years gone by?