Grimsby mosque attackers jailed for six years

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Media captionThe bombers were caught after filming themselves making petrol bombs

Two ex-soldiers who firebombed a mosque four days after the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby have each been jailed for six years.

Gavin Humphries, 37, and Stuart Harness, 33, admitted the attack on the Islamic Cultural Centre in Grimsby.

No-one was hurt in the attack in May, Hull Crown Court heard.

A third man, Daniel Cressey, 25, of New Holland, was found guilty last month of aiding and abetting the pair. He was also jailed for six years.

Humphries and Harness were arrested on the day of the attack, 26 May, and pleaded guilty to arson at Grimsby Crown Court two days later.

They were both remanded in custody until the conclusion of Cressey's trial.

'Crime of violence'

Cressey had driven the pair to the mosque in Weelsby Road but did not take part in the attack, four days after Fusilier Rigby was killed outside Woolwich Barracks in London.

Image caption Worshippers managed to put out the fire on 26 May

Humphries and Harness, both former soldiers of Dixon Avenue, Grimsby, unwittingly recorded themselves making the bombs on cameras set up in Harness's home.

The pair were caught again on CCTV as they carried out the attack on the mosque.

Sentencing the three men, Judge Mark Bury said: "This was a crime of violence where a particular religious group was deliberately targeted in an act of retribution.

"Whatever your feelings of outrage were, you should have allowed justice to take its course. Instead you carried out a retaliatory act of throwing petrol bombs at the Grimsby Islamic Cultural Centre."

He added: "As is usual in these cases, the victims had nothing to do with the events that so enraged you.

"They were entirely innocent, law-abiding Muslims who were practising their religion in a peaceable way."

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