Metin Mustafa 'kidnapped for £20,000 ransom'

All Saints Crescent in Farnborough
Image caption Metin Mustafa was kidnapped from outside his home in Farnborough, the court heard

A man was bundled into a van outside his home by a criminal gang who demanded a £20,000 ransom for his release, a court has heard.

Metin Mustafa had his hands shackled and legs tied up with duct tape after being kidnapped from his Farnborough home in March, jurors were told.

Mr Mustafa recognised one of the accused from a previous drugs deal, Winchester Crown Court heard.

Six Lithuanian nationals deny all the charges against them.

Virginijus Suchodolskis, 38, of Tideslea Tower, London, Giedrius Cerniauskas, 31, of no fixed abode, Dzeraldas Jacinskas, 43, of Albert Road, London, and Domantas Karpas, 31, of Pyrenthrum Way, in Willingham, Cambridgeshire, all deny kidnapping, false imprisonment and blackmail.

Vladislavas Tebenkovas, 30, of no fixed abode, denies false imprisonment and blackmail while Virginijus's son Kornelius Suchodolskis, 18, of Cuddington Avenue, in Worcester Park, London, denies blackmail.


The court was told Mr Mustafa had a bag placed over his head and was kept as a prisoner in the back of a van at the Cave Industrial Estate, in Chesterton, Cambridgeshire.

Jurors were told police traced phone calls to his partner Karen Cook.

She was told the gang was "going start hurting him" if the money was not raised, the prosecution said.

Officers stopped a Mercedes car with Mr Mustafa in the back on 28 March, six days after he was taken.

Mr Cerniauskas, who was driving, was arrested at the scene and Mr Suchodolskis was detained after a chase through gardens, the court heard.

They were described in court as the "main kidnappers".

Mr Mustafa told police he feared he would be murdered after being "mummified" in a duvet inside a bin bag.

He was found to have sustained numerous injuries and was dehydrated when he was released.

Prosecutor Stephen Parish said at one point Mr Mustafa "could hear water and thought he was going to be driven into a lake to be drowned".

He told the court Mr Mustafa had said he had recognised Virginijus Suchodolskis from a meeting in a Cobham hotel in December 2012 in connection with a proposed drugs deal.

Jurors were shown pictures of items found at the lock up unit on the industrial estate including a piece of paper with Ms Cook's telephone number, and a sleeping bag cover which Mr Mustafa said he wore as a hood.

The trial continues.

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