UB40 stars join tribute act for gig in Ipswich pub

UB40 member Brian Travers (left) with members of UB42 - a UB40 tribute act
Image caption Original UB40 member Brian Travers (left) with members of UB42 - a UB40 tribute act

Members of the multi-million record selling band UB40 have made a guest appearance with a tribute act at a pub in Suffolk.

Brian Travers, 54, saxophonist with the band, which sold more than 70m records, was invited by the tribute act UB42 to join them at the Railway pub, Ipswich.

He was joined by other members of UB40's brass section, Laurence Parry and Martin Meredith.

Travers said he wanted to play to "thank UB42 for celebrating our music".

He told the BBC: "There are 23 UB40 tribute acts and I'd like to play with all of them."

He added: "It was a great honour. The pub was full of lovely people and I had a lovely time."

Travers, who lives in Birmingham, said UB42 were great and helping "to keep music alive".

He said Birmingham reggae band UB40 are still touring throughout the UK and mainland Europe and had a new album coming out in the next few months called Getting Over the Storm.

Pete Ryder, lead singer of UB42, said he had been friendly with Travers for some time.

Image caption UB40 - pictured in 1986 - were named after the government's unemployment benefit form

"He always said he'd come and play with us one day but he just never had the time," said Mr Ryder, from Coventry.

"Then when their tour was postponed, he said 'I'll do it' so I said 'Do you want to come to Ipswich?'

"He was really good. He said he loved playing with us and it was great to have him there."

They played UB40 hits including Kingston Town, Red Red Wine and One in Ten.

"The crowd loved it. It was a real treat for them," he said.

He said Travers, who was declared bankrupt with four other band mates two years ago, had performed for fun and was not paid for the gig which took place last month.

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