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'Anti-cuts' protestors march in Manchester and Liverpool

image captionCampaigners said the plans would "hit the most vulnerable in our society"

Campaigners "protesting against the Autumn Statement" have taken part in marches in Manchester and Liverpool.

Demonstrations were held in both cities by protest groups, including UK Uncut and Boycott Workfare, and trade unions.

Manchester organiser Mark Krantz said the "poorest will be going without" as a result of the Chancellor's statement on Wednesday.

Prime Minister David Cameron has said the Chancellor's plans would be "hugely helpful for working people".

Mr Krantz, of Manchester Coalition Against Cuts, said the plans meant working people "face further cuts to their household budgets as pay and benefits have been set at below inflation levels".

"Claims that 'we now really are all in it together' are clearly not true - rich people will not go hungry this Christmas, but the poorest will be going without," he said.

"Council budgets for cities like Manchester and Liverpool, which have already suffered with jobs slashed and vital services shut, are now facing further cuts due to Osborne's announcements."

Michelle Smith, of Liverpool Against the Cuts, said the plans would "hit the most vulnerable in our society".

She added that the Liverpool protest would be "highlighting the effect of the cuts on women in particular" and that all the groups involved were "protesting against the Chancellor's Autumn Statement".

Chancellor George Osborne delivered the coalition government's plans for taxing and spending in his annual Autumn Statement on Wednesday.

The statement laid out changes to welfare and tax and cuts to local government budgets amongst other measures.

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