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Jimmy Savile 'groped Julie Fernandez when she was 14'

media captionJulie Fernandez, pictured in 1992, told the BBC she "slapped away" Sir Jimmy Savile's hands

A television actress has claimed Jimmy Savile groped her when she appeared on Jim'll Fix It at the age of 14.

Julie Fernandez, who starred in the BBC shows Eldorado and The Office, said Savile's hands "lingered in places they shouldn't" as she sat beside the presenter in her wheelchair.

The 38-year-old and other children from her Hampshire school were on the show after Miss Fernandez wrote to Savile.

Fourteen police forces have received abuse allegations made against Savile.

The Leeds-born entertainer died a year ago, aged 84.

Miss Fernandez, of Stilton, Cambridgeshire, told BBC Radio 5 liveBreakfast that she was sitting next to Savile in the studio.

'Discreetly done'

"I was in my wheelchair, but I just remember his hands being everywhere and just lingering those two, three, four seconds slightly too long in places they shouldn't.

"But it wasn't particularly obvious either.

"It was in a busy room full of people in a studio so it was quite discreetly done and you don't kind of realise what's happening at the time, especially when you're 14 and it's the first time you've ever been in a studio and you're very excited.

"But I do remember feeling uncomfortable and he had these huge rings on his fingers."

Miss Fernandez said she felt like "slapping his hand away".

'Predatory behaviour'

She went on: "I'm lucky that it didn't actually get any more than that.

image captionJimmy Savile was in the Jim'll Fix It studio when he groped Miss Fernandez, she said

"My classmates, we all made a joke of it afterwards for years, but we didn't really bring it up to any adult and I don't know why, actually."

Fernandez, who is a disability rights campaigner, said people were probably afraid to speak out against a prominent figure.

"He was a great fundraiser and all of these things, so possibly people didn't want to say negative things about him. Maybe they didn't think they would be believed.

"It's a predatory behaviour and it's bad, bad behaviour.

"And what's really annoying is, he's now dead and what can we do?"

The Metropolitan Police is leading an inquiry into claims of abuse against the BBC presenter and is pursuing 340 potential lines of inquiry with 40 potential victims.

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