David Cameron on NHS regional pay, GPs and 'Devonwall'

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Media captionThe Prime Minister talks to political editor, Martyn Oates, about regional pay, constituency boundaries and out-of-hours GP services in the South West of England.

On the eve of the Conservative Party conference I caught up with the Prime Minister at Downing Street.

We talked about regional pay in the NHS and Serco's shortcomings in providing out-of-hours GP services in Cornwall.

He also confirmed his determination to push ahead with plans to redraw constituency boundaries, including the creation of the controversial 'Devonwall' seat of Bideford and Bude.

To say some of his own backbenchers are less than sanguine about the proposed changes is an understatement.

And, given that the Lib Dems have now withdrawn their support, it looks as if Mr Cameron is leading his troops towards almost inevitable defeat in the Commons.