Essex police and crime commissioner results

Conservative Nick Alston has been chosen as Essex's first police and crime commissioner.

Find out more about these candidates below.

NICHOLAS ALSTON - Conservative

Image caption Nick Alston believes he has the skills to ensure victims have a greater say in policing

Born in Harwich police station to a policing family, former Royal Naval officer Nick Alston has been selected as the Conservative candidate.

He wants to support measures that cut crime and improve communication between the police and the public.

Mr Alston said: "I have the skills and experience to ensure all the people of Essex and especially those who have been the victims of crime have a greater say in their local policing."

Nick Alston's election statement

LINDA BELGROVE - Independent

Image caption Independent candidate Linda Belgrove is opposed to any further cutting of the police budget

Independent member of Essex Police Authority and legal support worker Linda Belgrove is standing as an independent candidate.

She is opposed to any further cutting of the police budget and wants neighbourhood policing to be at the heart of the force.

"Essex Police has some excellent officers who deliver a tremendous service to the public, but if things go wrong it is vital that lessons learned are acted upon swiftly and I would ensure this was the case in my potential police and crime commissioner role," she said.

Linda Belgrove's election statement


Image caption Labour candidate Val Morris-Cook believes she can provide a voice for Essex

General manager for a logistics firm and deputy leader of Thurrock Council Val Morris-Cook is the Labour candidate for the post.

She said: "I am extremely concerned about domestic violence and sexual crime, and hate crime, such as hate crime against people with disabilities."

Mrs Morris-Cook thinks nightclubs and bars should bear more of a responsibility in funding the policing of night time crime caused by their customers.

Val Morris-Cook's election statement

ANDREW SMITH - UK Independence Party

Image caption UKIP candidate Andrew Smith believes the police and public need to work together

Finance director Andrew Smith has been selected to fight for the post for the UK Independence Party.

He said: "I think the biggest thing we need to do is to reconnect the police with the public. I believe there has been a disconnect.

"Without working together we will not get effective policing in this country."

Andrew Smith's election statement

MICK THWAITES - Independent

Image caption Independent candidate Mick Thwaites wants to see more visible policing

Former City of London, Metropolitan and Essex police officer Mick Thwaites is standing as an independent candidate.

Mr Thwaites, who was temporary Assistant Chief Constable of Essex Police in 2002, said he wants "more visible policing" to make residents safer and allow the police to work with the public to reduce crime.

He added: "I want Essex Police to better understand how you think it is responding to your concerns and in particular, those of crime victims."

Mick Thwaites's election statement

ROBIN TILBROOK - English Democrats

Image caption English Democrats candidate Robin Tilbrook is opposed to any cuts to "real policing"

Solicitor, former church warden and chairman of the English Democrats, Robin Tilbrook has been selected as its candidate for the post.

He said the English Democrats had long campaigned for elected police commissioners.

"Elected English Democrats' police and crime commissioners will purge their police forces of political correctness and focus their police forces on catching real criminals," he added.

Robin Tilbrook's election statement