Cheshire police and crime commissioner candidates

Conservative John Dwyer is elected as Cheshire's first police and crime commissioner.


Turnout does not include spoilt ballots

Turnout: 108,902 (13.7%)

Second round






John Dwyer





John Stockton




First round



1st pref


2nd pref

John Dwyer





John Stockton





Sarah Flannery




Ainsley Arnold

Liberal Democrat



Louise Bours




Find out more about each of the candidates below.

AINSLEY ARNOLD - Liberal Democrat

Ainsley Arnold joined Cheshire Police Authority in 2009 and was elected vice chairman in 2010.

Ainsley Arnold, Liberal Democrat PCC candidate for Cheshire Mr Arnold has said he wants to reduce the public's fear of crime

He has been Liberal Democrat leader on Cheshire East Council since 2008 and served for 15 years as a councillor on both Macclesfield Borough Council and Cheshire East Council (formerly Cheshire County Council).

Mr Arnold was the police authority's lead member for partnerships in Cheshire East and served as executive member of Cheshire East's Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership.

He said if elected he would be committed to ensuring that Cheshire Police continues to reduce not only crime statistics but also the public's fear of crime.

Ainsley Arnold's election statement

LOUISE BOURS - UK Independence Party

Former borough and town councillor Louise Bours is currently at university studying social science.

Louise Bours Ms Bours said any future police commissioner needed "empathy" with the public's fears

She was elected as mayor of Congleton in 2006 and said that during her year in office she "really learnt the important connection that must exist between the police service and the local community".

She said one of the challenges for the county's police commissioner would be to ensure they had "empathy and understanding" with the wider public's "fear of crime".

Ms Bours said it was also important to have a "robust and comprehensive approach" to "low-level crime".

Louise Bours's election statement

JOHN DWYER - Conservative

John Dwyer retired 11 years ago as Assistant Chief Constable of Cheshire Constabulary, after a 30-year career in the police.

John Dwyer Mr Dwyer wants to reduce bureaucracy and return police officers to the streets

Since retirement he has run several of his own businesses including a corporate security consultancy and investigation company.

He was a councillor on Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council before its move into the Cheshire East authority.

Mr Dwyer has produced a six-point manifesto, including increasing the number of special constables, cutting bureaucracy and zero tolerance for "yobbish behaviour".

John Dwyer's election statement

SARAH FLANNERY - Independent

Sarah Flannery is a business owner who has lived in Cheshire for 30 years.

Sarah Flannery Sarah Flannery wants to see the policing needs of the varied Cheshire communities met

She is a founder member of the Cheshire Independent Network, a network of independent councillors and people who believe in the importance of genuinely independent representation of the people.

In the 2010 general election she stood as an independent in Tatton.

She said the new position of PCC is to be a voice for the people, representing them and their concerns to make sure policing needs are met to reduce crime and to hold the police to account for meeting those needs.

Sarah Flannery's election statement


John Stockton recently retired from full-time teaching after 30 years and is now working as an executive board member for Halton Borough Council. He has been a councillor for 10 years.

John Stockton Mr Stockton said his central aim is to protect the most vulnerable members of communities

He stood as a Labour candidate in three parliamentary elections - in Fylde 2001, Altrincham and Sale West 2005, and Weaver Vale in 2010.

He is a member of the Co-operative Party and the unions Unite and the NASUWT.

He said that if elected his central aim will be to protect the most vulnerable members in the communities across Cheshire by ensuring that neighbourhood policing is a priority.

John Stockton's election statement

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