Cambridgeshire police and crime commissioner results

Sir Graham Bright of the Conservative Party has been elected police and crime commissioner for Cambridgeshire.

Cambridgeshire: Sir Graham Bright (Conservative) elected

Turnout does not include spoilt ballots

Turnout: 88,603 (14.8%)

Second round



Final total



Sir Graham Bright





Ed Murphy




First round



1st pref


2nd pref

Sir Graham Bright





Ed Murphy





Paul Bullen




Ansar Ali




Rupert Moss-Eccardt

Liberal Democrats



Stephen Goldspink

English Democrats



Farooq Mohammed




Find out more about these candidates below.

ANSAR ALI - Independent

Ansar Ali, independent candidate Independent candidate Ansar Ali believes the role should not be "party political"

Independent member of Cambridgeshire Police Authority and current chairman of the authority's custody visitors panel, Ansar Ali is standing as an independent candidate.

Mr Ali, who has worked in senior management positions in local government for almost 30 years, said as an independent candidate he would not be subservient to party political ideology.

He said: "I will pursue all avenues for fairer funding for Cambridgeshire Police. At present we are the second lowest funded force in the country. I am determined to see a sustained improvement in Police Performance in Cambridgeshire."

Ansar Ali's election statement

SIR GRAHAM BRIGHT - Conservative

Sir Graham Bright, Conservative candidate Conservative candidate Sir Graham Bright wants to form partnerships with the public

Former MP and parliamentary private secretary to the Prime Minister John Major, Sir Graham Bright is the Conservative candidate for the post.

Sir Graham said his priority was to "form a genuine partnership with the public in order to hold the police to account by setting a strategy with public input and effectively monitoring it".

He said: "I will set about visiting all areas of Cambridgeshire and meeting as many people as possible in order that I can truly represent the views of the public."

Sir Graham Bright's election statement

PAUL BULLEN - United Kingdom Independence Party

Paul Bullen, UKIP candidate UKIP candidate Paul Bullen said he would put more police officers on the beat

Huntingdon magistrate and former RAF officer Paul Bullen has been selected as the UK Independence Party candidate for the post.

He said he believed the police should be answerable to the local community.

"We will put more police on the beat. We want to see strong, tough laws imposed on those who steal and those who threaten life or property," he said.

Paul Bullen's election statement

STEPHEN GOLDSPINK - English Democrats

Stephen Goldspink, English Democrats candidate English Democrats candidate Stephen Goldspink is against outsourcing police services

Former Peterborough City councillor Stephen Goldspink has been selected as the English Democrats' candidate for the Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner role.

Mr Goldspink said he was concerned about plans to outsource services.

He said: "Let's face it, whatever a contractor may say about service, partnership and 'shared vision', their number one priority is to make as big a profit as possible; it is not healthy for the police to depend on such companies to deliver the services that residents expect."

Stephen Goldspink's election statement


Farooq Mohammed - Independent Independent candidate Farooq Mohammed wants to put the police "at the heart of the community"

Businessman Farooq Mohammed, who runs a restaurant in Hampton, near Peterborough, is standing as an independent candidate.

Mr Mohammed said: "This is a major change in policing in the UK, and one we should welcome as an opportunity to strengthen that relationship and put the police once again at the heart of the community."

He said the victims of crime would be a key priority. "These people are sometimes forgotten and feel their interests come second to those of the criminal," he said. "This is one of the things I feel most strongly about and would certainly be among my priorities."

Farooq Mohammed's election statement

RUPERT MOSS-ECCARDT - Liberal Democrat

Rupert Moss-Eccardt Liberal Democrat candidate Rupert Moss-Eccardt wants effective, trusted and professional policing

Rupert Moss-Eccardt, an ex-county councillor who formerly worked for the National Specialist Law Enforcement Centre, has been chosen as the Liberal Democrat candidate.

He said he wanted to make policing effective, trusted and professional. "We should not try to measure crime-fighting success by the number of people arrested," he said

"We need to measure how many crimes are committed and get that number down, so we can enable people to live without the fear of crime."

Rupert Moss-Eccardt's election statement

ED MURPHY - Labour

Ed Murphy, Labour candidate Labour candidate Ed Murphy believes police cuts are making it harder to fight crime

Peterborough councillor and the city's 2010 Labour parliamentary candidate Ed Murphy has been selected as the PCC candidate for Labour.

He said Conservative government cuts and privatisation plans went too far, too fast, making it harder to fight crime.

Mr Murphy added cuts and plans to privatise some police services were having a negative effect on front line policing.

Ed Murphy's election statement

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