Dale Farm: Tour the site

There was a stand-off at Dale Farm in Essex on Monday 19 September between residents and bailiffs, as Basildon Council prepared to evict travellers from the six-acre site. The travellers later won an injunction restraining the council from clearing the site pending a High Court hearing on Friday. See photos of the travellers' site as it prepared earlier in the week for the evictions by clicking on the images below.


Wall Ill Health Entrance Evictions Gate Chained Families Interactive Dale Farm map


A makeshift wall has been hastily built to block access to the bailiffs who are poised outside the site.

Ill health

Several of the residents are said to be in poor health, suffering from a range of conditions from bowel cancer to diabetes and asthma.


Residents and protesters have built a defensive gate from scaffolding at the entrance to the site.


Some travellers live in caravans but many have built chalets and other semi-permanent structures without planning permission.


The gate is now closed and two protesters have chained themselves to a concrete-filled barrel immediately behind the gate.


Protesters have chained themselves to a car in an attempt to delay the eviction process.


Dale Farm is a former scrapyard that was bought a decade ago by several traveller families who then moved on to the site.

Travellers own Dale Farm but half the site has no planning permission and has been occupied by an estimated 400 people.

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