Train firm slashes fuel consumption by 800,000 litres

East Midlands Trains has saved 800,000 litres of fuel by using energy saving technology in the past year, the company says.

The firm is using a new fuel additive which has resulted in a 4.4% improvement in fuel economy.

East Midlands Trains also uses an energy-saving engine standby mode to reduce carbon emissions.

Any train which stands still in a station for more than seven minutes virtually shut downs its engines.

Emissions targets

New recycling collections are also being introduced at all stations and offices which will increase the amount of waste that the company recycles.

Managing director Tim Shoveller said the firm, owned by the Stagecoach Group, has also refurbished waiting rooms and bathrooms at stations fitting them with motion-sensitive lighting and energy efficient hand-dryers.

Stagecoach Group is investing £11m in a bid to reduce buildings CO2 emissions by 8% and cut annual fleet transport CO2 emissions by 3% by April 2014.

The firm is aiming to reduce its CO2 emissions by 40,000 tonnes annually by April 2014.

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