Warren Bradley resigns as leader of Liverpool's Liberal Democrats

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Image caption Warren Bradley

Warren Bradley has resigned as leader of the Liberal Democrat group in Liverpool.

You will see from my previous post that he had upset some colleagues and Lib Dem HQ by strongly speaking out against the coalition.

But it does not explain his decision to quit.

This appears to have been prompted by the odd situation over whether his son Daniel planned to stand as a candidate in the forthcoming local elections or not.

The allegation - strongly denied by Mr Bradley - is that he committed election fraud. I understand this has been reported by Labour to Merseyside Police.

Daniel has spoken to the Liverpool Daily Post this morning.

The claim is that Mr Bradley falsely witnessed Daniel's nomination papers which his son knew nothing about.

But in a final e-mail as leader to colleagues Mr Bradley hit back:

"I have today been accused by the media of putting my son's name forward to stand for election, without his knowledge, and then to underline my intention I spoke to the press as if to reaffirm the fraud.

"I cannot say too much at this stage for obvious reasons, but to inform you, I totally deny this allegation and am seeking legal advice to that end."

Warren Bradley, who plans to continue as a councillor in the city, goes on to explain some of his reasons for resigning and criticises some unnamed colleagues:

"Although I fully intended to stand down this May to pursue my fire service career, I will be with immediate effect standing down as the Leader of the City Council Liberal Democrat Group (hooray I hear from some); lots of things have happened during my six year tenure, mostly positive with lots of support from the majority of members, but sadly there have been people who have continuously undermined me in the position, something which has been extremely illiberal, something I am not used to, and something I understand that has driven them to help with what they have today, sadly involving my son.

"In conclusion, people's private lives should remain just that, unfortunately some senior members in our Group do not feel the same.

"Can I give a gentle prod to whoever succeeds me in the position to ensure they have the total support of the majority of the Group, without that, life will also become as miserable for you."