Transplants from liver at Birmingham Children's Hospital

Two people, including a one-year-old boy, have been given liver transplants from one donor liver.

Marcela Zitnikova's son Michael is still recovering at Birmingham Children's Hospital. She said she wanted to give staff a "big thank you".

Doctors said the little boy from Worcester, born with a vital tube missing, could now have a normal life.

John Dumpleton, from Torquay, said he felt like he had won the lottery. The operation was earlier this month.

Mr Dumpleton, an alcoholic who gave up drinking 10 years ago, had developed hepatitis C and cirrhosis.

He said: "It is my lottery win. It's fantastic. And what's swung it as well is that there is another life involved, a child. I had no idea that could be done with a liver."

Dr Patrick McKiernan said giving a double transplant from one donor kidney was now an established procedure at the hospital.

"This is a remarkably effective procedure. Michael's life has been transformed. He has a very high chance of surviving as a healthy productive adult," he said.