Cambridgeshire police catch 2,498 drivers using mobiles

Almost 2,500 drivers were caught using hand-held mobile phones while on the move in Cambridgeshire during 2010.

Fixed penalty notices were given to 2,498 drivers and each was fined £60 with three points on their licence, police figures reveal.

There were 2,223 prosecutions for the offence in 2009.

Pc Tony Barrios said it was disappointing that the number of motorists caught using a hand-held mobile while driving had increased.

"It only takes a few seconds distraction to cause a collision with fatal consequences," he said.

"We take these offences extremely seriously and will continue with our robust enforcement of the law.

"Roads can be a dangerous place when the law is not respected and adhered to.

"If we are to reduce the number of fatalities and casualties on the county's roads, it is vital people comply with the law."

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