Police on surveillance duty catch drug runner by chance


A 27-year-old drug runner from Northamptonshire was caught by chance by police carrying out a surveillance operation in Hertfordshire.

Ben Wyles, of Higham Ferrars, was in a car that was stopped by police and fled with £15,000 of drugs but left £1,780 in cash, Luton Crown Court heard.

Defender Wayne Cleaver said Wyles was a recreational user in debt to suppliers.

Judge Jeffrey Burke QC jailed him for 30 months when he pleaded guilty to possession of 250 grammes of cocaine.

The judge said: "This is an example of the dangers of recreational drug use, as it is described, because it brings you into contact with those who deal professionally and who are serious criminals.

"Class A drugs are dangerous.

"Their use has spread perniciously through the community and more and more people are brought low because of it, as has happened to you."

Wyles, a tiler by trade, pleaded guilty to possessing the cocaine with intent to supply and possessing criminal property in the form of cash.

Police stopped the car in Gunnel's Wood Road, Stevenage.

Mr Cleaver said police were carrying out a surveillance operation in the area and it was only by chance the car in which Wyles was a passenger was stopped.

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