Buckinghamshire man hopes for dinner table speed record

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Media captionThe table, complete with dinner trimmings, reached a top speed of more than 113 miles an hour

A car fanatic and inventor hopes to have set a world speed record for the fastest piece of furniture.

Perry Watkins, 47, from Wingrave near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, carried out two runs on a 500m track at Santa Pod in Northamptonshire on Sunday.

The Queen Anne table laid out for a silver service dinner achieved an average speed of 113.8mph, although it hit 130mph at one point.

Guinness must ratify the achievement to oust a 92mph record by a sofa in 2007.

'Quite difficult'

Mr Watkins called the table, which was built in his garage at home in just over a year, Fast Food.

A 1994 Reliant Scimitar Sabre is the base of the table but it was modified with a nitrous oxide kit.

Mr Watkins said: "It was actually worse than I thought it would be. It felt like 200mph.

"The tablecloth was flapping away and I was trying to spot the finish line. It was quite difficult.

"Driving the car was extremely scary, I was only doing 90mph at the beginning of the timed run, but by time I crossed the finish line I was going at over 130mph."

Mr Watkins is married to Angie and they have two sons, Dan who is 22, and Jack who is 18.

The dinner table is one of a number of novelty cars Mr Watkins has built.

He holds the world record for the world's lowest car and he also built the smallest ever car with a 150cc engine from a Postman Pat toy delivery van.

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