Negligent Anglia rail crossing inspector sacked

A rail worker has been sacked for failing to inspect level crossings in the Anglia area.

Network Rail has confirmed its employee was sacked for deliberately falsifying records for the inspection of railway level crossings.

The company said nine crossings were involved but did not say where.

About 700 of the 1,000 level crossings in Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire have been inspected in the past nine months.

Network Rail said the sacking followed a "comprehensive internal investigation" into allegations made against the level crossing inspector.

'Swift action'

Crossings in the Anglia area had not being inspected when they should have been.

A spokesman said: "Network Rail has taken action against the individual concerned and put in place a robust plan.

"This has seen more than two-thirds of the crossings on the Anglia route inspected in the last nine months, finding no cause for concern at any crossing.

"The fact that these discrepancies were picked up so quickly - and that swift action was taken against the individual concerned - demonstrates clearly that the procedures we have in place are fit for purpose.

"They do the job they are there to do, which is to keep the public safe."

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