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Coronavirus: Second wave fears and Scottish pupils get results

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Here are five things you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak this Tuesday morning. We'll have another update for you at 18:00 BST.

1. Testing and tracing 'key to schools returning'

Current testing and contact-tracing performance in England is inadequate to prevent a second wave of coronavirus after schools reopen, scientists warn. The UK government insists plans are in place to ensure schools can fully reopen at the start of the new school year, with local officials primed to act on data to stem any rise in cases.

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2. Scotland's pupils get results after exam-free year

About 138,000 school pupils in Scotland are finding out their grades in Nationals, Highers and Advanced Higher courses, after the pandemic forced exams to be cancelled for the first time in history. This year's results will be based on estimates from their teachers.

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3. GCSE students allowed to drop topics in 2021 exams

GCSE students in England will be able to drop subject areas in history and English literature exams next year, as watchdog Ofqual addresses concerns that schools may not have time to cover all the exam topics after a pandemic-disrupted year. But head teachers say the proposal amounts to "tinkering at the edges" when students face "widespread ongoing disruption".

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4. Motorist fined £90 after drive-through Covid test

A motorist says he was "flabbergasted" to receive a £90 parking fine after taking a drive-through coronavirus test at a car park. Geoff Pugh, 52, got the penalty after taking his wife and two children for swabs at Edmonton Green Shopping Centre, north London, on 7 July. The company behind the fine says any issued "incorrectly" will be cancelled.

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5. How has giving birth changed during the pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the way that mothers and hospital staff have had to deal with pregnancy and birth, as Stacey Dooley reports from Bradford Royal Infirmary for Panorama. One mother explains how it felt to be separate from her prematurely born son while awaiting the results of a coronavirus test.

media captionHow has giving birth changed during the pandemic?

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