Coronavirus: Morning update as England's hairdressers and pubs reopen

Here are five things you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak this Saturday morning. We'll have another update for you on Sunday.

1. Hairdressers and pubs reopen as lockdown eases

Hairdressers officially reopened across England with some hair salons opening at midnight as hirsute customers took advantage of the latest easing of coronavirus restrictions. Pubs had to wait a little longer - with some landlords allowed to open doors from 06:00 BST.

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Image caption Tusk Hair in Camden, north London welcomed customers from midnight on Saturday

2. Portugal says the UK's quarantine-free list is 'absurd'

Portugal's foreign affairs minister has said his country's exclusion from a list of countries for which quarantine will not apply for people returning to England is "absurd". Augusto Santos Silva told the BBC not including Portugal was "senseless and unfair".

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3. Why disabled people are calling for a Covid-19 inquiry

Almost two-thirds of people who have died from coronavirus in the UK were disabled, according to new figures, with disabled women more than 11 times more likely to die than their peers. Disabled people's organisations are now calling for a full inquiry.

Image copyright Virginia Butcher
Image caption Ginny Butcher says she is not surprised by new figures showing the impact of Covid-19 on disabled people

4. What makes a gathering a 'superspreader' event?

You may have heard of so-called "superspreading" events, the culprits of an outsized number of Covid-19 infections. But what exactly are they and how can they be identified? US researchers looked at three different incidents to find out more.

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5. Inside the secret Covid rave scene

Illegal raves are continuing to take place in the coronavirus lockdown, despite nightclubs and music festivals remaining banned. Despite going against the rules, one rave organiser told the BBC he is providing a service no-one else is, and he is proud of what his team has done.

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Media caption"Our job was to provide a service to the people"

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