Pink Moon: Europe illuminated by lunar light show


Stargazers have enjoyed the emergence of what is known as a pink moon in the night skies of Europe.

Despite its name, there is not any noticeable colour difference to the full moon - due to reach a peak in the UK at 03:55 BST on Wednesday.

The pink supermoon name is a northern Native American reference to an early-blooming wildflower and is first seen across North America as spring begins.

Tuesday evening's lunar light show was captured through breathtaking images.

image source, PA Media
image captionApril's supermoon is the third of the year, following the worm moon on 9 March. Here, the moon is seen above Windsor Castle on Tuesday evening
image source, EPA
image captionA bright glow was cast on central London as the city continued to observe social distancing measures
image source, Reuters
image captionThe pink moon rises over the Shard skyscraper in London
image source, Reuters
image captionThe scene at Mow Cop in Staffordshire. The hashtags #supermoon, #pinkmoon and #superpinkmoon all trended on social media as the UK looked skyward
image source, PA Media
image captionThe view from the Angel of the North in Gateshead. The moon can look up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter in the sky as it reaches its closest point to Earth, known as its perigee
image source, PA Media
image captionThe supermoon radiated over landmarks, such as the Kelpies sculpture in Falkirk, Scotland. Many people on social media reflected on how the lunar light projects a sense of calm and positivity amid the coronavirus pandemic
image source, Getty Images
image captionElsewhere in Europe, the pink supermoon rose above well-known landmarks including the Reichstag Building in Berlin
image source, EPA
image captionThe majesty of Rome was illuminated by the supermoon
image source, Reuters
image captionIn Paris, the supermoon could be seen between the two towers of Notre Dame
image source, PA Media
image captionThousands - including a family at the Rock of Dunamase in the Republic of Ireland - took pause to glance upwards and take in the view
image source, Jeff Overs / BBC
image captionPink supermoon rose over Highgate Hill in north London

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