Coronavirus: Morning update


Here are five things you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak this Sunday morning.

1. Queen speaks to the nation amid crisis

This evening, the Queen will make a rare TV address, urging people in the UK to demonstrate self-discipline, good-humoured resolve and fellow-feeling so they can "take pride" in how they responded to the pandemic.

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2. Starmer criticises 'serious mistakes' in virus response

Labour's new leader Sir Keir Starmer says the government has failed to provide frontline NHS and care workers with enough protective equipment and should have admitted the problems with testing sooner. Now he wants it to say how it will get the UK out of lockdown.

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3. NHS workers are using bin bags to protect themselves

One doctor is defying hospital rules not to speak to the media and revealing how healthcare staff are having to improvise protective equipment out of clinical waste bags and ski goggles. Three of her colleagues are now on ventilators with Covid-19, under her care.

4. 5G definitely isn't spreading coronavirus

Biologically impossible, "complete rubbish", and "the worst kind of fake news" - those are just some of the words scientists have for conspiracy theories that 5G mobile phone networks help transmit coronavirus. The theories began to spread before several fires at phone masts.

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5. Premier League players don't want a pay cut

While teams such as Liverpool are furloughing some non-playing staff, players are arguing against a 30% cut in their wages during the suspension of the season - because they say it will mean less money for the NHS. Cutting their pay by £500m means £200m less in taxes, the Professional Footballers' Association says.

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Don't forget...

That scientists around the world are racing to find a vaccine. Tap here to find out more.

You can find more information, advice and guides on our coronavirus page.

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