News Daily: MPs reject election and drug-dependency concern

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MPs reject election, as Parliament suspended

Parliament is now prorogued - suspended - until 14 October. As proceedings came to a close just before 02:00 BST, a group of opposition MPs held up signs saying "Silenced". They appeared to try to block the way of Speaker John Bercow, who had earlier announced his resignation.

Before that, the Commons again rejected Prime Minister Boris Johnson's call for a snap general election. And a bill forcing him to seek from Brussels a delay to Brexit to 31 January (unless a deal - or a no-deal exit - is approved by MPs by 19 October) became law.

Quite a day, then. But with Parliament now not meeting for almost five weeks, as party conferences take place and the government prepares the Queen's Speech - outlining its programme - what next?

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg wonders whether there is still a chance of Brexit happening on 31 October.

Meanwhile, here's how prorogation works. And take a look at our simple Brexit guide.

Prescription drug dependency 'worrying'

A quarter of adults in England use strong prescription painkillers, sleeping tablets and antidepressants every year. A review by Public Health England found that, as of March 2018, half of them had been on these drugs for at least a year. It has raised concerns over patients becoming hooked. Here are the findings.

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Geoffrey Boycott and May aides get honours

Cricket lovers have known him as "Sir Geoffrey" for years, but now former England batsman Geoffrey Boycott is getting a real knighthood. He's among the figures recognised in former Prime Minister Theresa May's resignation honours list. There are CBEs, too, for her former advisers Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill. More details are available here.

Will your next bag be made of mushrooms?

By Eleanor Lawrie, technology of business reporter

Like many teenagers, Sarah King used to buy a new outfit every few weeks to try to keep up with the latest trends. "When I was 16 or 17 I would buy a new outfit for a party and on every payday, stocking up on new outfits based on what was trendy and popular, or what celebrities or my friends were wearing," she says.

Now with a sustainable fashion course under her belt, the 26-year-old digital marketing executive and vegan fashion blogger is part of a growing movement turning its back on disposable products. In its sights is the waste and sustainability crisis prompted by the fashion industry.

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What the papers say

John Bercow's resignation announcement leads several papers, with the Daily Telegraph reporting that the timing is intended to allow Remain-supporting MPs to pick his successor as Speaker. Metro says he is going after some Conservatives organised a plot to oust him, while the Financial Times notes that he stood up for the independence of the Commons in his speech. Elsewhere, the Daily Mirror criticises Theresa May for requesting CBEs for two advisers it says are undeserving of them. And the Sun calls Britain a "nation of pill-poppers", after Public Health England raised concerns over a reliance on prescription drugs.

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