News Daily: Johnson to meet Macron, and 700,000 get GCSE results

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PM to meet Macron as French president downplays Brexit deal hopes

Another day, another crucial date with a European leader for Boris Johnson.

Having been told by German Chancellor Angela Merkel that a solution to the Brexit impasse was possible, albeit against what the UK prime minister described as a "blistering timetable" of 30 days, Mr Johnson will meet a French president with a more sober analysis. "Renegotiation of the terms currently proposed by the British is not an option," Emmanuel Macron told reporters, hours after the Johnson-Merkel press conference.

Mr Johnson heads to Paris later, with talks likely to involve what the PM views as the the key barrier to a deal - the backstop. As our Q&A explains, that's the position of last resort aimed at maintaining a seamless border on the island of Ireland. Our Reality Check team examines why it's blocking the Brexit process.

Nail-biting over as GCSE results published

It is GCSE results day, bringing to an end an agonising wait for 700,000 youngsters in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. But will we see more tears of anguish than usual among picture-spreads showing pupils leaping for joy with results papers in hand? That's the suggestion from some head teachers, who claim a recent drive to toughen up the tests has left some lower-attaining pupils "completely demoralised". And while the government insists it's "driving up standards", Nansi Ellis of the National Education Union argues the new system is more about "regurgitating facts" than deeper learning. Results due at 09:30 BST.

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Ditch cars to meet climate change targets, say MPs

There's a stark warning from MPs over climate change: people will have to get out of their cars if the UK is to meet targets on emissions from transport. "Widespread personal vehicle ownership does not appear to be compatible with significant decarbonisation," according to the Science and Technology Select Committee, which argues that replacing existing cars with cleaner versions will prove insufficient. It wants improvements to public transport, alongside incentives to share cars, walk or cycle. The AA takes issue, suggesting the MPs underestimate the power of new technology. Ministers say the UK is going "further and faster" to tackle climate change than any other major economy.

PPI compensation payments - and how we spent them

By Kevin Peachey, personal finance reporter, BBC News

Millions of policies, billions of pounds paid in compensation, and what feels like gazillions of nuisance calls, PPI - or payment protection insurance - has made a huge impact on our financial lives. Up to 64 million policies were sold, mostly between 1990 and 2010. Banks, building societies and other credit providers have paid an astonishing £36bn in compensation to those who were mis-sold PPI and made a claim.

Every time Michele Barker starts the engine of her car she knows that PPI fuelled her purchase. After making a claim herself through the Resolver website, she was awarded compensation of £22,500. "It was a jaw-dropping amount," she admits. New claims end on 29 August.

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What the papers say

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's call for the UK to come up with a solution to the Brexit deal impasse within 30 days dominates front pages. For the Daily Telegraph, it represents a "victory" for Boris Johnson, while the Daily Express describes a "major concession", given the current deadlock. However, the Guardian sees only a "tentative olive branch" and, in the Daily Mirror's estimation, Mrs Merkel has "called Boris Johnson's bluff". It describes the prime minister as "stunned" by the demand. Read the full review for more.

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09:30 Immigration figures for the year ending March 2019 published by the Office for National Statistics.

11:00 England host Australia in the third test match of cricket's Ashes series, at Headingley.

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