In Pictures: Lightning pierces UK skies

A lightning bolt and bright blue sky in Cambridge Image copyright John E. Walsh / Twitter @akazeeox
Image caption This electric blue sky was pictured over Milton Road in Cambridge

The skies above the UK were lit up by about 48,000 lightning strikes on Tuesday night.

The thunderstorms came ahead of further warm weather with temperatures in London expected to reach 38C on Thursday.

Warwick Image copyright Paul Middelton
Image caption Multiple lightning bolts over Warwick
Channel lightning Image copyright Kutub Uddin
Image caption Lightning photographed over the English Channel
Lightning over Scarborough Image copyright Nicole Carr
Image caption Lightning was seen over Scarborough, North Yorkshire
Damage caused to the roof of a house in Wrexham
Image caption A lightning bolt damaged Megan Zahra's bedroom roof
A lightning bolt captured over the Solent in Hampshire Image copyright Geraint Roberts
Image caption The storm passed over the Solent in southern England
Cat Bells in the Lake District Image copyright Tim Fisher
Image caption Tim Fisher caught this thunderstorm in the Lake District
The sky in Preston Image copyright Sonia Bashir
Image caption Skies in Preston, Lancashire, are seeing purple
Liverpool Image copyright PA Media
Image caption Lightning passes over houses in Lee Park, Liverpool
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