Blue Peter dog: Beagle-basset hound Henry joins the show

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Blue Peter presenter Lindsey Russell with beagle-basset hound cross HenryImage source, Jo Clayton/BBC
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Henry with presenter Lindsey Russell

A beagle-basset hound cross called Henry is the newest dog to join the Blue Peter team.

The two-year-old rescue dog, whose breed is referred to by some as a bagel, was adopted from the Dogs Trust charity and will make his debut on the children's show in Thursday's episode.

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The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.View original tweet on Twitter

Henry is the 10th dog to appear on Blue Peter and follows a long line of resident pets, including nine cats, five tortoises and two parrots.


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Petra with presenter Peter Purves

Petra was the first ever Blue Peter pet, in 1962.

It later emerged the mongrel was actually a stand-in, drafted on to the show after the original dog chosen died after just one appearance.

She spent 15 years on the show and a statue of her now stands in the Blue Peter garden in Salford.


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Shep became a popular double-act with presenter John Noakes

Border collie Shep joined the show in 1971 and was one of its best-known pets.

He became a lovable double-act with presenter John Noakes, sparking the catchphrase "Get down Shep", which later inspired a pop song by comedy group the Barron Knights.

The pair were so inseparable that Noakes was allowed to keep Shep as a pet when he left Blue Peter in 1978.


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Border collie Meg lived with Matt Baker

More recently, another popular border collie on the show was Meg, who made her first appearance in 2001.

She belonged to BBC presenter Matt Baker and lived with his family in Country Durham.

When the pair left the series in 2006, Meg went on to appear with Matt on other shows including Crufts and Countryfile.


The first feline to join the show was Jason, a seal point Siamese, who made his first appeared as a three-week-old kitten in 1964.

His finest moment came in December 1975 when he played the part of a Cheshire Cat in the show's Christmas production, Alice in Blue Peter Land.


The longest serving Blue Peter pet was George the tortoise who featured on the show for 22 years and was thought to be 83 years old when he died in 2004.

The tortoise caused a scare back in 1988 when burglars let him out of his pen during a robbery attempt at the home of his owner.

It had been feared George had been stolen but it turned out he had only strayed out of the garden and was later found by a neighbour.

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