News Daily: Trump cleared of Russia conspiracy and May to meet cabinet

By Owen Amos
BBC News

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Trump 'did not conspire with Russia'

After two years of investigation, the Mueller Report has concluded that Donald Trump's election campaign did not conspire with Russia. The report - which is not yet public - was summarised for congress by US Attorney General William Barr. Mr Trump tweeted in response: "No Collusion, No Obstruction".

Claims of Russian collusion have dogged Mr Trump's presidency. He said it was "a shame the country had to go through this", describing the inquiry as "an illegal takedown that failed". Robert Mueller's investigation has led to some of Mr Trump's aides being prosecuted and, in some cases, imprisoned.

The report also considered whether there was obstruction of justice. It "did not draw a conclusion", according to Mr Barr's letter. Some of Mr Trump's opponents say there are still questions to answer. Despite that, it is "without doubt the best day that Donald Trump has had since his inauguration", says our North America editor Jon Sopel.

PM to meet cabinet

After a weekend of speculation about her future, Theresa May will hold a cabinet meeting in Downing Street this morning. There were suggestions that naming a date for her departure could boost support for her Brexit deal, which MPs have already rejected twice. But Downing Street has refused to be drawn on Mrs May's future.

Charles and Camilla make history in Cuba

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall have become the first members of the royal family to visit Cuba in an official capacity. Prince Charles and Camilla's trip is expected to usher in a new chapter in the UK's relationship with the communist state.

'If he wasn't teetotal, he would uncork the champagne'

BBC North America editor Jon Sopel

What was that film called? As Good As It Gets? That's how Donald Trump must feel now that the attorney general has published his four-page summary of the Mueller report.

It is impossible to over-emphasise the significance of what has been said. If the Democrats want to remove this president from the White House, it's going to have to be via the ballot box in November 2020, and not before. The cloud that has been over the president for 22 months has gone, the weight that has sat on his shoulders has been lifted. This is without doubt the best day that Donald Trump has had since his inauguration in January 2017.

What the papers say

The Sun calls on Theresa May to say she will resign, in order to persuade MPs to approve her Brexit deal. Under the headline "Time's up Theresa", the paper says it is making the suggestion with regret, having supported Mrs May since before she was prime minister. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson launches his latest attack on the government's approach to Brexit in the Daily Telegraph. "We have blinked. We have baulked. We have bottled it completely. It is time for the PM to channel the spirit of Moses in Exodus, and say to the pharaoh in Brussels: Let my people go."

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10:00 The Prime Minister is expected to hold a special meeting of her cabinet

15:30 Mrs May is then expected to update the Commons on Brexit negotiations

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