UK lottery winners: What did they do with the money?

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Ade Goodchild was the only winner of the £71,057,439 prize on Friday

What would you spend the money on if you won the lottery?

That's the question being pondered by one factory worker from Hereford, who scooped £71m in the EuroMillions lottery on Friday.

Ade Goodchild - who is the 15th biggest winner in UK lottery history - said he will retire and the windfall "bloody well will" change his life.

But has the money changed the lives of previous winners? And what did they spend it on?

'Winning almost ruined my life'

Jane Restorick, previously known as Jane Park, was 17 when she became Britain's youngest Euromillions millionaire.

She was working in a temporary admin job and living with her mother in a flat in Edinburgh at the time.

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Jane Restorick said £1m was a "ridiculous amount" to be given at age 17

Restorick announced her £1m win in a Facebook post that featured surprised-face emojis.

The first things she spent the money on were a Chihuahua dog she called Princess and a Louis Vuitton handbag.

But she told the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme in 2017 that at times she felt her life was "ruined" by winning the lottery.

"My worst days are usually money situations or something money-related," she said.

"Sometimes I wish I had never even won it."

The £1m windfall was a "ridiculous amount to have at such a young age, with no guidance", she said.

And there was an expectation that she should help friends or family if they were having money problems, which she found "stressful".

Lottery operator Camelot said it had given Ms Restorick "extensive support", including sending an independent adviser to help her organise banking arrangements and manage publicity.

Still 'loves her job'

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Carer Sue Richards still works, despite winning £3m on a scratchcard

Sue Richards was on the way home from a night shift as a carer in 2016 when she bought a scratchcard and won £3m.

She and her partner bought a new home in Essex, four new cars, a motor home, and holidays abroad.

She also helped her children get onto the property ladder.

Last year, Ms Richards marked the anniversary of her win by having a bottle of champagne mown into her lawn.

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Lottery millionaires reveal 'champagne' lawn

The elaborate image took three days to complete.

But Ms Richards still works 90-hour weeks as a carer and says she loves her job.

'I'm not as crazy as people thought'

In December 2017, Melissa Ede walked into a Hull petrol station and bought a scratchcard.

"Within three days my bank balance went from £1 odd to £4m," she told the BBC's Mike Thomson in 2017.

Before that, she had previously worked night shifts as a taxi driver and lived in rented accommodation.

"Life was very, very difficult. I lived day by day. Some days I couldn't even afford to eat," she said.

After the win, she said she invested £3m, bought a house and was "treating close friends and family".

"I'm not as crazy as people thought I was," she said.

But Ms Ede, a transgender woman, said she still struggled because she faced discrimination.

"Everybody thinks that having money solves everything. I'm living proof it doesn't," she said.

Antarctica was 'icing on the cake'

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Richard and Cathy Brown, from Ipswich, scooped £6m in 2013

Former journalists Richard and Cathy Brown, from Ipswich, have travelled the world since winning £6m in 2013.

A trip to Antarctica was "the icing on the cake" for the sailing enthusiasts.

The couple, who are now retired, hope to do a full season of yacht racing in the North Sea.

"This is more money than we could spend in a lifetime and we will have fun sharing our good luck with family and good causes," Mrs Brown said when they won.